Thursday, November 11, 2004

Summary of my presentation as Homi

Homi K. Bhabha (still alive) originally from Bombay India:
I have a strong background in theory, I am very well read and educated with a dual doctorate in English Literature and philosophy. Sometimes my use of language is criticized for being indecipherable and illusive in my book "Location of Culture." I am a major player in the area of post-colonial theory and am heavily influenced by deconstructionist theory.

Key points

*My main interest is the study of a hybridity within a culture. I see hybridity emerging from resistance of the dominant culture, creating a third space.
*The term hybridity is interchangeable with the term liminalty.
*My goal in exploring this school of thought is to locate a space of empowerment and resistance for the "other" and explore how to articulate liminality.
*The national narrative created by Western modernity has created a fixed-horizontal nation-space that does not take into account the cultures and identities formed on the faultlines of a liminal, hybrid culture. This has to change!

On the canon

*It is the critic who determines the canon
*The critic is inevitably within the Eurocentic archives of an imperialistic west
*The otherness looses its power to signify, to negate, and to initiate its historic desire to establish its own institutional and oppositional discourse.
*There is a lot at stake to name critical theory Western and model if after the traditional eurocentric model.


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