Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lets stop this abortion talk!

What does our personal beliefs on the highly charged topic of abortion have to do with literary criticism? Is it human nature to push and prod human beings until the buttons that spark conflict are found? Zach,I think you found your niche. You have successfully pushed some buttons in the class and sparks are flying! Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that people are speaking their minds on e-journals, and by all means, be passionate about what you believe in! I do feel this topic is un-necessarily drawing us of topic from our discussions and course content. There is a limit to the level of usefulness of this type of discourse. Zach I have a suspicion from the responses you have received on this issue that you will not change the minds of your fellow classmates on this topic. Your argument is presented well. You are articulate and it is clear that you have carefully arranged your case in a way that appears to be seamless, in order to avoid a hole or weak spot. I really appreciate hearing your opinion on the matter, but man I feel like you are beating a dead horse with your lengthy defenses of your stance. You are making these bold statements with the intention of inviting people like myself to try and find a hole in your argument just so you can rip the opposition apart. Think about it, we will never be able to convince you that abortion should be legal right, well likewise for us, no matter how you choose to argue your points, it is unlikely that you will change anybodies strong, emotionally charged feelings on abortion. I am merely suggesting that you take a less defensive tone in your response to this ongoing discussion. Now that we know where you stand, try accepting other people's opinions without tearing them apart. Treat topics like these as ongoing forums for expression in which people are free to believe what they want. In this context I would like to say that a woman should have to right to choose to have an abortion. To say that there is never an instance in which an abortion should be an option is to simplify life into two categories of black and white. Besides, if we cant trust a woman with a choice, how can we trust her with a child? And better yet, why dont we move on folks. Lets pick up a discusion on the well lived life and LITERARY CRITICISM.


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