Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The last round of critics

Judith Butler (Debbie)
*re-defining feminism and gender
*breaking down binaries of feminine and masculine
*gender is more than a social construction, it is also a costume we wear, a performance we put on
*we shouldn't pigeon-hole people into gender and sexual identities

Cleanth Brooks (Merl)
*wrote "The Well Wrought Urn"
*if poetry is worth teaching at all, teach it as poetry and look at the text itself rather than the outside influences on the text
*New-Critic, concerned with the text itself

Stanley Fish (Brian)
*Reader-response critic
*opposite from Brooks
*poetry is what we make of it, what we read into the text
*how do we recognize a poem when we see one

Steven Greenblatt (Susan)
*wrote "Learning to Curse"
*New-Historicism (prefers the title of theory, poetics of culture
*literary version of cultural anthropology
*text is history, history is textual

John Dryden (Daniel)
*poet, dramatist, translator, critic
*paved the way for Ben Johnson who compared Dryden's work to the glory of the Roman empire


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