Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Group Presentations, Day #1

I wanted to comment on the first round of group presentations, first by congratulating everyone on successfully instructing and entertaining the class! Secondly, I was impresses by the amount of references to class discussions, concepts and ideas the groups were able to include into the presentation. I am personally relieved that my group was first to go and I have to compliment my fellow group members for a minute: I think we did a nice job of setting an example of how to combine a relevant topics while still being funny! I mean who could pull of Linda better than Andrea, and Zach as a Frenchman was just over the top! Well done guys!! We chose the topic of the canon because as we realized, it is not an issue that only concerns Dr. Sexson's literary criticism class but also many of the great thinkers have brought up this topic as well. Since our last and final chore for this semester will be to address the MSU top 100 bookmark, our presentation provided just one representation of how the literary canon is viewed by a diverse group of critics.

I thought the second group's presentation was clever and they put a nice spin on the two fallacies given to us by Wimsatt. I also like how each of the 'actors' made references to many of the critic we have in our class this semester. I think one of the most interesting topics in lit crit is the issue of interpretation. Who's meaning is the most important and relevant? The author, director, actors, audience? It is a big question! Nice job with this one guys.

Group three gets two thumbs up in the entertain department. You guys really know how to keep an audience hooked, I liked all the scene changes. Very creative in combining a Christmas story and the ghosts of critics past, nice pun! I also how you chose to review Sexon's piece on the Matrix, clever! I liked how Brian summed up what the critic was saying to him at the end of each of their visits. It helped the audience reaffirm how things were being connected. Y'all rock!


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