Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Beginning to ponder the final paper topic, "Literary Criticism and the Well-Lived Life

Now that we are on to final home stretch of fall semester we tend to wrap things up, bring everything full circle and hopefully sit back and look at what we have learned over the last three months. Our teacher has asked us to perform this in the form of a final paper. Dr. Sexson has given us the broad topic of "Literary Criticism and the Well Lived Life." He is obviously asking us to reflect back on our personal experience from this semester and come to some kind of conclusion about what we learned. What I enjoy about this type of assignment is the freedom for individual expression to come out. Everyone in the class is bound to gain something different and unique. We covered a lot of critics this semester and explored a number of theories and ways of thinking about the world. Each and every one of us will have their own conception of how the two terms lit. crit, and the well-lived life are related. My favorite part about the end of the semester is that we have added to our layers of understanding, learning other ways to perceive reality. By expanding out perceptions we are able to come to every experience with an enlarged acceptance of our world and the other human beings in it. To me, the well-lived life is shaping into something that resembles walter Paters definition of criticism, giving to each passing moment our best and greatest possible value


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