Thursday, October 28, 2004

Homi Bhabha's reaction to Emerson, followed by a brief summary of critics

The first critic was Emerson himself, reincarnated as Brian. He was very enthusiastic and full of himself (as Emerson should be!) I would like to make some comments on his presentation from the point of view of my critic, Homi Bhabha. I like what Emerson had to say about looking forward to a new era of literary production. I agree that we cannot rely on the past to give us standards because the past is rooted in a eurocentric tradition. I disagree with Emerson that we need to look towards America for the next great poet. This narrow minded approach of America as being the only location capable of producing great minds in very ethnocentric. Why not open the door to all ethnic groups and exalt the literature created in the hybrid cultures where counter narratives are being produced. I say that it is in the cultures being formed on the border lands where we need to look for the next great writer! American poets are too locked into Western thought and will never be able to break free from the tradition no matter how hard they try! Border cultures see history from a different point of view, one that in non-linear, and breaks the mold of our national narrative. Lets open our eyes people!

Paul De Man (Becky)
*Advocates a close reading of the text, will reveal if the text is stable or unstable
*interpretation of metaphors, allegories, and symbolism allows reader to get inside of the text and understand rhetoric devises
*History is a text, there is nothing outside of the text

Fredrick Van Shiller (Katie)
*Advocate of freedom
*Gave everything he could to music
*In error only is there truth and the freedom to discover other possabilities.

Tsvetan Todorov (Ben)
*narratology-analysis of relationship within a story, the elements of plot are broken into simple clauses
*Structuralist, concerned with form and interested in breaking down clauses into organized sequences

Mary Wolstnecraft (Francoise)
*Goal in life was to remove the ideals of Victorian men and help women become educated and earn their rights as human beings.
*Reincarnated as Francoise in the 21 century, she is proud of the accomplishments gained by women
*Looking to Afghan women to show us that we still have a long way to go


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